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CAD Design Services

For your convenience, we offer our clients a design service for the manufacture of bespoke plastic components. We will work closely with you from the outset to ensure that we can design a mould which will produce your required part.  

Knowledge and experience

Designing for plastic injection moulding requires a specific knowledge and experience. Our dedicated design team will guide you through the process eliminating the need to consult an outside design service.

Comprehensive design service

Using our experienced design team saves you time and money. We offer a comprehensive design service from initial concept through to the final moulding. We use 3D CAD design technology to produce accurate components according to your design requirements. 

Expert design advice

We will discuss the choice of plastic material, physical dimensions, production costs and performance. Our experienced design team can advise you on the optimal requirements so that your component performs as required.

Why use expensive services for your external designing for plastic injection moulding solution? With us, you would not just get the product for your needs but you can also save money from the design service that we offer.   

We like to share our expertise with our customers. We work together with you get optimal results. We will discuss the great choice of plastic materials available and how you can benefit from them.  Our experience offers improved results from the production process.

We can then design the suitable physical shape which will achieve the best performance at a low cost. We listen to the specific needs of our clients to produce the most effective results. We then offer the most suitable action for efficiency of every project. Let us take care of the whole process. We have the know how and expertise to get the job done on time and to a high standard.

Our Design Services

Designing for plastic injection moulding requires a detailed understanding of the process. By letting Connexions Plastics Ltd complete the job, we will save you money and time. 

We also guarantee a perfect result from your plastic injection moulding product. We have been working with our clients all over the UK for over 25 years offering bespoke design solutions. With this experience comes an understanding of what works best. 

  • The initial framing of the concept
  • Plastic injection moulding design 
  • Using 3D CAD software  
  • Making of the tool for the injection mould 

We understand that every client has their own diverse requirements. That is why we strive to not only to meet but to exceed our client's expectations. 

High-End Design Technology 

There are lots of decisions to consider when designing a plastic injection moulding. We offer a complete service so that the job is designed specifically for you.

Our team make the process easier for you. This is why we are here to help. We use CAD software so you can have  access to 3D design and modelling. From this you can view the finished product with accuracy. We will then offer you a prototype so that it can be tested before tooling begins. 

We make use of the latest CAD software. This allows us to fine-tune our new plastic injection mould designs.  We can then ensure a cost-effective design from the outset. 

We continue to change our approach from time to time. This will ensure that we never get left behind by the industry. It lets us provide the most up-to-date solution for our clients.

We embrace the diverse culture of our clients.  That is why we can offer advice about ways which we can provide what is necessary for your needs. With the design in our hands,  we will help you take the initial step towards the success of your project and business. Call us today!

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