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Medical Moulded Products

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Medical Moulded Products

Medical Injection Moulded Products 

It is a fact that plastic plays an important role in the manufacture and development of medical devices today. The demand for the medical plastics is on the rise. 

As a result, plastic manufacturers continue to turn out improved and new medical injection moulded products. These have enhanced characteristics to meet specific applications. These include:  

  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Bioresorbability 
  • Flexibility 
  • Electrical properties 
  • Stiffness 
  • Chemical resistance  
  • Temperature resistance
  • Strength 

These expanded characteristics also give medical device engineers new latitude. This helps design innovative products that are multi-functional, more complex and smaller. 

Medical-grade plastics should be:

  • Biocompatible
  • Chemically resistant to cleansers and disinfectants 
  • Be able to withstand sterilization by hot steam, ethylene oxide, gamma rays, plasma 
  • Meet industry requirements

Plastic producers continue to engineer new resins to meet specific medical device needs. Omega Plastics is considered as one of the top market sectors today.

Our plastic injection moulding facility is committed to manufacture the highest quality products. This includes medical plastic devices. In addition to this, we have 4 all-electric  injection moulding machines. These  range from 60-300 tonnes and a wealth of expertise and internal knowledge. 

We can guarantee all our clients that we can provide the medical device to the market. We do this promptly while maintaining a top quality service.

Under the highly regulated sector,  our machines enable you to create the right conditions. This is important for manufacturing sensitive plastic medical products.

Researchers continue to find ways to use PEEK which is a high-temperature thermoplastic. This is an excellent replacement for metallic implants due to its superior mechanical properties. 

PEEK is so strong that machine guidelines are essentially the same as those for metal. Antimicrobial agents have also been added to PEEK implants to decrease the risk of post-surgery infection.  The plastic can also be engineered to improve the bone growth.

The growth and diversity in the medical devices industry makes this a profoundly vital market for businesses. With unceasing investment in modern machinery we can deliver more. We have made our technologies and people work to ensure that they can deliver the top quality services and products to their valued clients. 

Do you want to know and learn more about the medical device manufacturing capabilities? Please feel free to contact  Connexions Plastics Ltd  today. Our moulding services include tooling, rapid prototyping, injection moulding and many more. 

Visit our website today for further information.We will be happy to help you with your specific needs.