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Bespoke Plastic Injection Moulding

Plastic injection moulding offers clients an unlimited choice in the range of products available for manufacturing. Modern technology has made it possible to create bespoke parts and products which were not possible two decades before.

Material Benefits

Plastic offers a range of benefits which alternative materials are unable to match. The process is also fast and cost effective. This is why plastic injection moulding has become the most popular manufacturing method for businesses throughout the UK.

Effective Technology

Injection moulding is an effective technology which allows you to design and manufacture bespoke parts to suit your requirements. Our top-of-the-range machines use molten plastic in a colour of your choice which is injected int a bespoke mould design. When the plastic solidifies you will have a completed component.


Our Injection moulding production allows you the flexibility to produce plastic components which are designed specifically for your purpose. We can manufacture parts from 1 gramme up to 1.5 kilos.

What is Plastic Injection Moulding?

Plastic injection moulding is commonly used for many production requirements. It is the major  manufacturing process when it comes to plastic parts fabrication. 

Wide arrays of products are effectively manufactured using an injection moulding. These can vary widely in their complexity, size and application.

The process for plastic injection moulding requires an injection moulding machine. This is used with a mould and raw plastic material. The plastic is melted in the machine and afterwards injected to the mould.  Following this,  it is cooled and then solidified to get the best resul

Where is Plastic Injection Moulding Used? 

Plastic injection moulding can be used in order to produce a thin-walled plastic. This can be used for a range of different types of applications and usages. 

Plastic housing

One of the common uses is plastic housing.  This is a thin-walled enclosure. This often requires lots of bosses and ribs over the interior. The housing is used in wide variations of products. This includes power tools, consumer electronics, household appliances, and as an automotive dashboard. 

Household items

Plastic injection moulding is also used in order to produce lots daily items. These can include small plastic toys, toothbrush, open containers and much more. Medical devices such as syringes and valves are also manufactured using plastic injection moulding. 

Our Plastic Injection Moulding Services

Our own plastic manufacturing facility takes pride in helping a range of different industries. 

We do this by effectively employing a professional team.  Our company holds years of combined experience and highly extensive knowledge for getting the job done. After over 25 years in the business, we are able to deal with the ups and downs of plastic injection moulding.

  • We have a team of dedicated and reliable operators
  • We oversee the running of the equipment, which ranges from 28 to 310 tonnes of a clamping pressure
  • We are also capable of injecting in as much as 41 oz. materials in every cycle
  • We do all of these with the help of computer control.  This offers optimal efficiency in the process, setup and monitoring. This is how great results are ensured and achieved
  • Our machines for plastic injection moulding are effectively designed for easy repetition. This is how we reduce costs in the labour and  lower the reject rates, thus saving you money

Quality Control

We perform a thorough visual inspection in every part using critical dimensions and parameters. The moulded parts are then inspected randomly. 

Finally, those acceptable parts are counted, boxed and moved to the quality control department. From here another random inspection can be performed once again. This is to verify if the count is accurate. All parts are then ready for a shipment processing. 

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