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Prototyping Services

We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our product before you commit to the production of a moulding tool. This is why we offer a prototyping service so that our client can test the component for performance and suitability.

3D CAD software

We make it easy for our clients to communicate their ideas and transform them into tangible products. Our prototype process makes use of 3D CAD software to create bespoke products from the initial concept of our client. We can produce an accurate component from a sketched design idea or a finished CAD file. 

Choice of materials

Following the design stage, we will produce an accurate prototype of your component. This allows you to test the product in detail before we begin manufacturing it using our injection moulding machines.

Accurate finish

This allows you to fully test the components functions before we begin production.

Prototype for Testing

We make use of high performance prototyping solutions. We will create plastic prototypes which accurately demonstrate the parts produced in the final manufacture.

Connexions Plastics Ltd make it easy and cost effective for our clients by producing the plastic prototypes.  So you can test your products before you commit an investment in the mould tool.

Here to Help You Along the Way

As part of the prototyping services, we can also offer a design advice. Our design advice can effectively help the clients take their project to the next level.

It is essential that your prototypes simulate the parts accurately. This helps you assess the future production parts when it comes to functionality. We will also offer a quote to help you assess the costs involved in the production parts. Our knowledgeable team can offer you advice on the different materials available in the final production part.

With Connexions Plastics Ltd, the clients are ensured that their needs are attended from the start to finish. Speak with us today and get the guidance you require. 

Do you want to discuss your requirements with us? We are here ready to help. The success of your project is our success too. 

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