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Plastic Injection Moulding

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Tooling for Injection Moulding

We offer a bespoke tooling service to help our clients produce high-quality mould tools. We offer a complete service which includes design, manufacture and maintenance of injection mould tooling. Our tool-making is designed by 3D CAD systems for improved accuracy and flexibility.


Our tooling service ensures that your mould tools are functioning to the highest standards. We will work from the designs of our clients to produce pre-production tooling to create your bespoke product. By maintaining our tool-making on site, we save our clients money and improve the injection moulding process.

Experienced engineers

Because our tooling engineers are fully experienced in producing mould tools for the injection moulding production our clients benefit from our high standards. We can design and maintain high-quality tools for your moulding.

Quality results 

Tooling is one of the biggest investments that our clients make in the manufacturing process. We understand that precision and quality are essential for the best results. This is why we offer our clients a design service to ensure that you get the most out of your injection moulding production.

Tool Making Service

We help you to continue your success through our tooling services. We make a commitment to meet all your tool making requirements. Through our dependable convenience and flexibility, we offer you a wide selection of tooling services. We offer a complete tooling service at a reasonable price. 

25 years experience

For the past 25 years, more and more clients have come to appreciate the high quality of our plastic injection moulding tools. This is offered at affordable prices. Through our experience, we also gained expertise in evaluating and renovating existing tools.  

 Attention to detail

If you need tools for plastic injection moulding be sure to contact Connexions Plastics Ltd. You will benefit from our expertise in all aspects of plastic injection mould tooling. This comes with the finest attention to detail.

Our years of experience in the industry made us second to none. This includes our capabilities in producing injection mould tooling services. This means that we are more reliable and efficient in helping you to obtain your goals. 

  • We provide you with the highest quality and fast product delivery. This is how we continue to provide outstanding injection moulds for our clients.
  • We build great tools because we have created a unique and excellent tooling production.  We are your first choice whenever you have a demanding plastic injection mould tooling project.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need advice about finding the best solution to your production needs. We will meet all your expectations and fit your budget.

Injection Mould Tools

Regardless of your requirements, we will stipulate and manufacture your mould tools. If you need outstanding services for pre-production we can deliver. We can offer low volume and high-speed moulding tools. We will give you the most appropriate, versatile and affordable options.

We provide you with a comprehensive service. You can take advantage of our assistance and advice for your intended design. We offer this through our CAD software in order for you to have 3D design and modelling.

We offer a complete service from design and tooling modification up to the routine maintenance and restoration.

Choose Connexions Plastics Ltd to manage your tooling requirements. You can expect nothing but high-quality materials and great services at very affordable prices. Contact us today and start a new chapter of success.