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What is the Plastic Injection Moulding Process?

Plastic Injection moulding process is the most popular modern manufacturing method used worldwide. This is because the properties of plastic are more versatile than any alternative material. This offers a range of benefits to industries who require low cost products which work hard. For these reasons, plastics are the main material used in today's world.

How it Works


Granulated or powdered thermoplastic plastic is fed from a hopper into the Injection Moulding machine.

Stage 2

The Injection Moulding machine consists of a hollow steel barrel, containing a rotating screw (Archemidial Screw). The screw carries the plastic along the barrel to the mould. Heaters surround the barrel melt the plastic as it travels along the barrel.

Stage 3

The screw is forced back as the melted plastic collects at the end of the barrel.Once enough plastic has collected a hydraulic ram pushes the screw forward injecting the plastic through a sprue into a mould cavity. The mould is warmed before injecting and the plastic is injected quickly to prevent it from hardening before the mould is full.

Stage 4

Pressure is maintained for a short time to prevent the material creeping back during the setting off period. This prevents shrinkage and hollows, therefore giving a better quality product.The moulding is left to cool before be ejected from the mould. The moulding takes on the shape of the mould cavity.

Injection moulding process is the process of choice throughout manufacturing industries. A lot of products or parts can now be completed with preciseness, speed, and quality.

What are the common materials used?

The most typical materials used for plastic injection moulding process are: 

  • Polycarbonate PC
  • Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene ABS
  • Polypropylene PP
  • Nylon PA

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